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IT Strategy  / Planning

Recent advances in computing has resulted in an emergence of several disruptive trends that have the potential to transform organizations. Leveraging them requires meticulous planning and an effective IT strategy. Volans has a team of seasoned, industry certified consultants who have extensive experience in helping organizations build a strong IT foundation with underpinnings in a robust architecture based on proven methodologies and principles. Below are our offerings in this area:

  • IT Roadmaps and Blueprints

  • Enterprise Architecture (EA) spanning Business, Data, Application and Technology

  • IT Processes and Governance

  • Digital Transformation Advisory Service

These offerings are provided in context of our other services which include Agile/DevSecOps based Systems Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Process Automation including RPA, Data Analytics & Enterprise Business Intelligence, Cloud/Infrastructure and Cyber Security.


Agile / DevSecOps

Volans has been committed to Lean principles and practices since the company's inception in 2005. Our consultants have been using techniques such as Extreme Programming (XP) and Continuous Integration since early 2000s long before Agile and DevOps emerged. Embracing these newer methodologies was a natural and easy transition.

Our team of industry certified Agile practitioners understand that being agile is much more than just following a methodology. They leverage their extensive experience in software development, IT operations, architecture and governance to determine how best to help our clients achieve their mission by delivering high quality, secure solutions in the shortest possible time.


Artificial Intelligence

Past its initial hype, Artificial Intelligence is leading the next wave of digital transformation. It is impacting every aspect of our existence. While organizations are at various stages of identifying how AI can be used to solve their business problems, one thing is become increasingly clear -  this transformation is not trivial and has several cultural and technological challenges. Since the field is still in infancy, there is a lack of standards and best practices that can be leveraged to build a foundation to support it. On the other hand, waiting for the discipline to mature is likely to prove disadvantageous for organization with increased risk for missed opportunities and falling behind the learning curve.

Our AI consultants are not only experts in implementing appropriate predictive models but also help organizations  build a robust, vendor agnostic foundation that is flexible enough to leverage new technologies, standards and best practices as and when they emerge. 


Process Transformation and Automation

Recent developments in Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence are playing a central role in enabling organizations achieve  end-to-end automation of business processes. As organizations move away from manual to lean, streamlined automated processes, they achieve improved efficiency, consistency, agility at a reduced cost.   

Volans has a team of industry certified RPA consultants who have extensive experience in automating both human and application centric tasks. They help organizations build and integrate processes automated using RPA with traditional Business Process Management (BPM) solutions to implement cohesive end-to-end automated platforms.


Data Analytics & Enterprise BI

Data is at the core for operation of any modern organization. Its availability, quality and security can enable or prevent the organization to meet its mission and objectives.  

With its extensive experience in enterprise data management, Volans can help its clients build the modern data lakes or the traditional data warehouse/data marts on the cloud or on-premises. Using an Event Driven Architecture (EDA) along with ingestion of data in real-time, we can help organizations transition from a “reactive” model where analysis is typically performed after the business events occur to a more “proactive” model where events can be predicted in advance and addressed as needed.   


Cloud / Infrastructure

Federal government’s “Cloud First” policy is an important step to help agencies achieve operational efficiencies by adopting shared services and technologies that have a lighter footprint. In addition to significantly reducing the operations cost, there are several benefits of cloud computing that agencies are increasingly realizing.

Volans has industry certified professionals with expertise in defining and implementing private, public and hybrid cloud strategies. Our experience spans building cloud-native applications to traditional custom built applications that integrate with COTS and SaaS offerings. 


Cyber Security

The adoption of computing strategies such as Cloud, SOA, BPM and B2B integration coupled with federal mandates and regulations such as Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and others are placing an increasing burden on agencies’ requirements related to security and Identity Management (IdM). Presenting processes and data in a highly distributed and shared manner makes them more exposed and potentially vulnerable. Not only is it a concern when sensitive data needs to traverse security domains, firewalls and public networks, agencies also need to consider security risks within their own organizations and data centers. A security architecture, which is robust, manageable and extensible, is a fundamental requisite for an agency’s in today’s world.

Volans can help clients implement an enterprise-class cyber security architecture that is versatile, easy to manage, expandable to meet future needs. Our services in this area range from defining a security architecture roadmap to implementing this roadmap using specific vendor tools and platform. As part of defining the roadmap and reference architecture, our consultants will build a security framework that addresses the three main concerns viz. Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability for the entire IT infrastructure, application and data tier.

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